About Us


Our Vision

An active partnership of stakeholders from industry, education, government, community organizations and families working cooperatively to forge a rich talent pool to meet the demand for skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in our region.

About Us

Advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)education is a critical focus for our region.

We know firsthand the importance of educating young people in these fields. Our future success — and our nation’s technological advantage — depends on there being a reliable pool of highly trained and technically capable talent.

The Southern Tier STEM Hub is committed to cultivating the physical and financial resources necessary to keep our young people engaged in STEM programming.

This collaborative effort has been launched with startup funding provided by Lockheed Martin. It will help fund the development of STEM teaching and learning activities for educators and students from elementary school through college. It will enable us to conduct outreach efforts that foster heightened interest in STEM careers across the region.

STEM-Related Programs